Delivery Complications Can Lead to Erb’s Palsy

Delivery Complications Can Lead to Erb’s Palsy


The delivery of a new born can be a frantic moment for a family. Often, people are rushing to get to the hospital in time for the delivery. The soon to be mother and father share a mix of emotions that sway from high anxiety to unknown joy. Unfortunately, this excitement can be stifled by a mistake or complication during the delivery¬† 250x Nangs Delivery of the newborn. A child is at risk for a number of injuries if a delivery is not performed properly or if a mother is not properly cared for and prepared for the delivery of her child. One of the conditions that can result from birth injury is Erb’s palsy, which results in the weakening of a child’s arm and hand because of strained brachial nerves.

The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves located underneath the collarbone that controls and delivers sensation to a person’s arm. If the brachial plexus is damaged, it can result in a person’s inability to control or feel his or her arm. This type of injury can occur during the strain of delivery if a child is born in a breach position, with shoulder dystocia, or if the child is improperly handled during the delivery.

Erb’s palsy leaves the child without complete control of the arm and hand and can result in its weakened and rotated state. Fortunately, with proper care and treatment, Erb’s palsy can be reversed. But in extreme cases, the arm may be permanently weakened, limiting its full use by a child. Erb’s palsy is avoidable if proper steps are taken during the delivery or if the risk of this condition is recognized before delivery.

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