Samsung Nanotechnology at home

`What does nanotechnology mean? Well it involves understanding and working with materials on a level of size where they are billionths of a meter in size. As of this size certain materials have very important qualities and can easily sink into into other materials at a molecular or atomic level.

First let’s look at silver this metal has been employed by many cultures for centuries as a method of treating wounds and cleansing water. Many cultures in our past including the Greeks and Romans have historical proof of using silver to help treat wounds and infections. There is a good mention of the King Cyrus of Persia in V BC who only consumed water stored in silver containers. Many books including ancient Hindu spiritual books refer to dirty water being cleaned by placing heated silver with it for a brief period of time. Burns were also treated with a silver solution and rt42m5538s8 samsung refrigerator sometimes food was treated with silver to kill bacteria. Pioneers in america were known to put a silver coin, a dollar back then, into milk to preserve it longer before it went bad. Doctors began refining medical uses silver and found various other areas other than wounds where it helped. Ulcers and fistulas that ignored other treatments were often cured quickly by using a software of silver water even ones that had been there for a few years. It was realized that silver not only had an capacity to kill bacteria but also on a molecular level permeated cells and served regeneration of tissue. In 1920 the federal government Food and Drug Administration endorsed the use of silver water in medicine and is purified.

Samsung has always been at the front of new developments in many areas of research and development and has since the 1990s been looking at nanotechnology. Before even thinking about using it to household appliances the company has for years been deploying it to advance telecoms and semiconductors working with the Korean Governments own nanotechnology program.

The introduction of silver nanotechnology into household appliances was to introduce it into ac systems, automatic washers and refrigerators. Ac with the Silver Nano Health System was made to kill any airborne bacteria as it passed through the conditioners silver nano sprayed filter system. This became to ensure a method of getting clean sterilized inspiring seed free air from outside and also when recirculation of inside air was carried out any bacteria already in the room would be wiped out. Automatic washers were also given the silver nano treatment as they may be used to kill bacteria on clothes and linen. During the wash silver nanos are released and mix with the clothes attaching themselves to the fabric on a molecular level killing any bacteria that is there or appears after the wash. They are estimated to stay able to killing bacteria on the clothes for about 30 days after washing. Private hospitals reported these machines as a great way to deal with their hills of linen which must been really clean and inspiring seed free. The refrigerator was handed a coating of silver nano over all its internal surfaces which meant that bacteria or mold can have no chance of growing with them. This will result in a safer environment inside your refrigerator as previously these surfaces were a source of viruses and possibly food poisoning.

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